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Enrico Fabris
Sara Meneghetti
Valentina Codogno

Monokee Launches Version 3.0.0: More Powerful Than Ever Before

Monokee, the leading identity and access management solution, has just launched version 3.0.0 of its powerful security platform. This latest version of Monokee brings a wide range of new features and improvements, making it more powerful and comprehensive than ever before.

One of the standout features of Monokee 3.0.0 is the Visual Identity Orchestrator, which has been significantly enhanced to provide even greater flexibility and control for managing identity and access within organizations. Here are some of the benefits of the new and improved Visual Identity Orchestrator:

  • Enhanced Customization: with the improved Visual Identity Orchestrator, organizations can now customize and manage their identity and access workflows with greater ease and precision, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Increased Governance Capabilities: the latest iteration of Monokee introduces enhanced governance functionalities. Thanks to the Visual Identity Orchestrator, organizations can now efficiently manage the entire user lifecycle.
  • Improved Security: review of encryption systems and improvement through the use of more robust algorithms.
  • Improved User Experience: the user interface of the Visual Identity Orchestrator has been streamlined and optimized to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

In particular, the new category Webhook flows has been added such flows are exclusively backend-side, meaning that all flow execution is performed server-side and no user interaction is involved. This type of flow allows, for example, domain administrators to create flows that trigger server-side operations callable from schedulable crons to synchronize data.

Moreover, in Admin flows, besides the Invite User category already present, the following have been added:

  • Delete User: with these flows, the domain administrator can customize the process of deleting a user from domain.
  • Lock User: users for whom this flow will be run will be blocked and temporarily unable to login to the domain anymore.
  • Unlock User: the users locked can be re-enable to login with these flows.

In conclusion, these are the nodes that have been added to flows:

  • Monokee - User Pending: to check whether a user has already accepted the domain invitation or not.
  • Monokee - User Locked: to check if a user is blocked or not.
  • Monokee - Lock User: to block access to the domain by a user.
  • Monokee - Unlock User: to unblock access to the domain by a user.
  • Monokee - Check User Roles: to check if a user has a role or not.
  • Monokee - Check User Groups Association: to check if a user belongs to a specific group or not.
  • Monokee - Update User Password: to update user's Monokee password.
  • Monokee - Manage User Application: to associate or remove applications to the user.
  • OpenID - Azure: to delegate login to Azure OpenID provider.
  • OpenID - Generic Implicit flow: to delegate login with OpenID Implicit flow.
  • Hash values: to hash a value.
  • Array Operations: to concat two different arrays.
  • Loop: to iterate over the elements of an array.
  • JSON Parse: to parse a string in JSON.
  • JSON Stringify: to parse a JSON in string.
  • URL Encode: to URL encode a string.
  • URL Decode: to URL decode a string.
  • Base64 Encode: to encode a string in Base64 format.
  • Base64 Decode: to decode a Base64 format string.
  • Flow session - Update variables: to apply functions to variables already in flow session.

In addition to the enhanced Visual Identity Orchestrator, Monokee 3.0.0 also includes a range of other new features and improvements, such as:

  • User can be locked/unlocked:

    The user menu was enhanced with new user lock/unlock functionalities. These two new actions on the user are the result of the execution of the relative administrative block/unblock flows that have previously been configured by a domain administrator. This makes it possible to execute different lock/unlock flows depending on the user to be acted upon. Furthermore, this allows the domain administrator to be able to customize this process as desired.

  • Review of SAML 2.0 applications configuration:

    The process of adding/updating a SAML 2.0 application has been completely revised. Specifically, the steps that guide the user have been made more user friendly and reorganized as follows:

    • step 1: General configuration, with the addition of choosing the login flow that protects the application.
    • step 2: Service Provider configuration, where it is possible to upload the Service Provider metadata or alternatively fill in the metadata data only fields by hand.
    • step 3: Additional configuration, where it is possible to choose one the SAML 2.0 Identity Provider defined in the domain and its related signature configurations.
    • step 4: Response statement configuration, in this section it is possible configure the parameters for generating Authentication statement and Attribute statement.

Together, these improvements make Monokee even more effective at protecting against security threats and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

"We're thrilled to be launching version 3.0.0 of Monokee, this latest version is the result of our continued commitment to providing our customers with the most powerful and comprehensive identity and access management solutions on the market."

Roberto Griggio, CEO at Monokee

Monokee version 3.0.0 is available now. To learn more about how it can help your organization better protect its critical assets, visit monokee website and monokee documentation.

About Monokee:

Monokee is a leading identity and access management solution, helping organizations of all sizes protect their critical assets and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Monokee is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and powerful security solution on the market.

Release Notes

  • Webhook Flows
  • Admin Flows:
    • Delete User
    • Lock User
    • Unlock User
  • Flow nodes:
    • Monokee - User Pending
    • Monokee - User Locked
    • Monokee - Lock User
    • Monokee - Unlock User
    • Monokee - Check User Roles
    • Monokee - Check User Groups Association
    • Monokee - Update User Password
    • Monokee - Manage User Application
    • OpenID - Azure
    • OpenID - Generic Implicit flow
    • Hash values
    • Array Operations
    • Loop
    • JSON Parse
    • JSON Stringify
    • URL Encode
    • URL Decode
    • Base64 Encode
    • Base64 Decode
    • Flow session - Update variables
  • User Menu Review
  • Application SAML 2.0 Configuration review